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Web4Bharat develops an Education ERP solution JobOfficer ( JO), which can manage day to day activities happening in the college campus.
 can cater to different educational, administrative, and deployment requirements through it's more than 150* modules which can handle any type of utility inside and outside the campus.

Web4Bharat is one of the emerging web development companies incorporated in India since 2005. Our unique approach makes us different from others. We work closely & friendly with clients to provide solutions that boast sales, minimize expenditures and increase return on investment with add-on services including our 24X7 Online Support.

Web4Bharat develops an ERP solution JobOfficer for you, which can manage day to day activities happening in the college campus. We divide these services into 8 different sections containing more than 100* modules which can handle any type of utility inside and outside the campus. These services begin before the student admission and continue even after he/she becomes alumni of the college. At the time of admission each student will get a unique account which is accessible into college premises.

These services contains Registrar module, Accounts Section, Library Section, Training and Placement Cell, Alumni Section, Student Information, Attendance (Staff + Student), time table, Reporting, Knowledge Forums, Syllabus, Messenger, Blog, Art Attack (for creativity) etc. Through our services, Management can define the complete schedule of a student for the current and the up-coming academic sessions. For faculty you can put the targets to complete the syllabus within the dead lines. Academic dean can view the reports of any student and go for a counseling to perform better. These services also include regular updates in website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

These services are designed and developed after a deep & close study of more than 500 top foreign & Indian   universities & colleges. You can handle more than one schools, college and institute at a time of having different locations. The faculty members can individually upload assignments topics to student. After students complete their assignments they upload the assignment on the campus server for review.  All Important notification and announcements are also posted on your campus server.  

With in seconds, you can easily compare the reports of schools/campus with last year’s record. These services are developed with open source technology so you won’t need to purchase any license or any other software. This is built in very advanced technology. Security, User friendly, easy extendible are some of the best features of this software. There is an unlimited tailored made feature which would be developed according to your requirements.  Management can ask any type of software which is required by them. After approval by our company that software would be delivered to you with in a committed time period.

These services will provide you all the devices (please see the list) used in this software within these charges. It’s our responsibility to update all the records in your database. I-Cards with strips, Google search engine, Library books labels, Bar code readers and data entry etc. 
We also help you to develop your own LMS (Learning Management System) like foreign Universities (Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge University etc.) The cost of the services depends upon the strength of the student.

This is not only a service but a commitment towards excellence which helps you in maintaining the discipline, competitive, informative, and advanced with the technology & can secure your school/campus for success in the 21st century; JobOfficer helps you in moving top of the world via directly compete with international organizations. Our large databank of consultants, HR, contacts helps you in finding the placement for your students. Our 5 years research will helps you in developing standard for an ideal organization.

We are having a team of expert programmers which can develop any type of web based project. Within the small duration Web4Bharat is able to complete many successful web projects. ERP and Education domains are our expertise domain on which our team already worked and working a lot

Education Software Module
• Students Records
• Registrar Software
• Library Management System
• I-Card Create
• Staff Attendence (Ext. Payroll)
• Visitors Slip
• Student Attendence
• Alumni Section
• Results/ News/ Notice Board
• Community *
• Online Test* (ViaQozax)
• Campus Placement Via Job Officer)
Web Utilities
• Forums
• Blogs
• Shopping Cart
• Hit Counter
• Quiz (via Qozax)
• Mail Server
• Personal Messenger
• HR Management
• Task Management
• Attendence Register
• I-Card Machine
• Auctions

Soon the documentation for all these modules seprately will be uploaded on the internet. Contact us directly to get a quote or further details for your project. Note:- All application are designed with Java/J2EE/Struts/AJAX/ MYSQL . All are license free software. So you don't require any license or certification. All applications are totally web based and can be acess anywhere from the world. But all applications are designed with high secure code and technology. While designing a custom web application for our clients, we ensure the following:

  • Faster & reduced acess time.
  • High Security architecture
  • Compliance with W3C standards for valid HTML /Scripts and CSS
  • User Friendly and easy accessible
  • Information architecture
  • Browser and platform independent.
  • Totally Web based application.
  • Easily customised with future requirements.
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